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How They Work

The pneumatic conveying in diluted phase provides a lower concentration of product in the pipes with a higher percentage of air than in the dense phase. This means that the product is transported very quickly and in a diluted way inside the pipes with relatively low depressions.

In this configuration the material will tend to float inside the pipes, so it is not indicated if you want to preserve the product or not to mix it.

Ideal for long or shot distance conveying.

Delfin Pneumatic Conveyer
All Features/Benefits
  • Fully enclosed, removing the risk of environmental pollution and product contamination
  • Increased flexibility with the ability to transport material in all directions with ease and cost efficiency
  • Rigid stainless steel or flexible conveying lines ensures minimal space requirements
  • Modularity allows ease of expansion at a later date
  • Minimal components and wear, drastically reducing the cost of your maintenance
  • The exclusive use of uncontaminated compressed air contributes to the maintenance and maximises the efficiency
  • Easy and fast installation and connectivity to other process machinery
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