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How Silo Storage Works

A few things need to be considered when incorporating silo storage;

  • How much material will be stored, usually in tons or Cubic feet and what are the characteristics of the material being stored.
  • Consideration of product degradation or segregation.
  • The discharge pattern that is preferred or required for the application, such as mass flow, funnel flow, expanded flow.
  • Is a flow aid device required for reliable discharge.

Our silo storage systems are suitable for inside or outside use, constructed out of aluminium, stainless or mild steel, or for flexible silos, woven trevira polyester. They can be designed for negative vacuum, positive pressure and can include explosion relief systems. We include access equipment such as ladders, platforms, manholes, windows and illumination.

Some of the common features on our silos:

  • Dehumidification systems for hygroscopic products and humid environments

  • Ventilation systems including heating and cooling as required

  • Tanker filling systems

  • Pneumatic filling and discharge systems

  • Loadcell weighing and point level measurement

  • Discharge equipment using vibratory, aeration and activation devices.


Silo's being installed
Features & Benefits
  • Stock control management
  • High operation reliability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum noise level
  • Control of delivery
  • Automation
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