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How Local Exhaust Ventilation Works

There are 5 main elements to an LEV system;

• A hood or pick up point - this is where dust and contaminants enter the system, drawing them out of the atmosphere.

• Ducting - which safely transports the dust to a filter, cleaner or exhaust point.

• Air cleaner/filter/scrubber - this captures the dust or contaminants within the system before the air is released back into the atmosphere.

• Air mover: a fan to power the system.

• Discharge: a safe point of air exhaust, either back into the working environment or outside the building.

When an LEV system is used to control exposure to dust, the hazards must be thoroughly assessed in order to be controlled. Designing a suitable system that is fit for purpose involves calculating the correct air volumes required, in turn the correct ducting sizes also. The system must then be used correctly by trained employees and regularly maintained to remain effective.

LEV System
Applications & Features
  • Sack tip station extraction
  • Big bag filling
  • Manual weighing or tipping
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