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How the Sieve, Convey, Auto Weigh System Works

The flexibly designed system takes in product from either a sack tip, bulk bag discharger or silo and pneumatically conveys product through a deck sieve into a receiving vessel where it is weighed. The product is then discharged in weighed batches through a rotary valve into the users next process such as a craft mixer. The whole system is dust free and has the option to be connected to an LEV if necessary.

The Sieve Convey Auto Weigh System shown in the image above comprises of a sack tip, sieve, receiving vessel, load cells, rotary valve, filter unit and exhauster. The connection to the mixing bowl, craft mixer or other equipment is designed to suit the user’s application.

All the components that make up the SCAW system can be picked from a catalogue of standard parts, dramatically reducing design lead times and cost. The design uses food safe design standards that reduce dust collecting points, in turn reducing cleaning frequency - this being beneficial in any environment where dry powder is being handled.

Craft Bakery Systems
Applications & Features
  • Automation
  • Fast batch
  • Acutely accurate
  • Repeatability
  • Health and safety
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