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How Sifting & Metal Separation Works

Strong inline magnets pull any ferrous material from the product as it travels over the magnet, stopping it from traveling any further into the process.

This method can also be used in sack tips, big bag dischargers and vessels. The magnets are regularly checked for any foreign matter caught which can then be traced back to its input origin. 

Sifters inline or on the deck allow product to pass through at the required rate, ensuing the particle size is as determined by the screen size. This is important when dealing with products that are prone to lumping or forming clusters. Mixed products can also be separated based on size. 

Sifter & Magnet
Applications & Features
  • Stop ferrous material entering process
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Traceability
  • Ensure correct particle size
  • Separate contaminants
  • Consistency
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