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How it Works

IBC's are filled directly from silos, sack tips, big bag discharger or any other process entry means. They are then used for storage or further processing such as 'in bin blending' or discharging in to mixers/ other processing equipment. IBC's are also used to transport product on site or between sites, and if customers have the means to discharge IBC's, then an exchange system can be implemented, delivering product direct to customers in IBC's while picking up the empty container and returning it. 

Key features of Cone Valves;

  • The lifting mechanism is not in the product flow
  • Free passage for product to flow
  • Easy to clean / minimum downtime: Can be dismantled and assembled in matter of minutes
  • Least number of components: Less spare parts requirements
  • Programmable variable lift height enables the discharge station to be used in weighing / batching application
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)
All Features/Benefits
  • Promotes product flow
  • Systematic discharge
  • Dust containment
  • No manual intervention once docked
  • Batch accountability
  • Minimal downtime
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