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How Pneumatic Conveying Works

Pneumatic conveying is a technology that uses compressed gas (air) to transport dry powdered materials through a conveying line from an entry point (silo, sack tip, big bag discharger) to a termination point (receiving vessel over a process point). The conveying line provides a closed environment for the powders being transported and uses vacuum or pressure to propel the material through the line.

Pneumatic conveying is an efficient way to transfer powders, providing an adaptable design with easy to route conveying lines around corners, equipment, etc. and running horizontal and vertical, which is quite an advantage when routing a conveying line into an existing factory.

Providing an efficient method of moving materials around a powder processing factory. The systems are very compact, with minimal moving parts and provide ease of maintenance and housekeeping.


Pneumatic conveying system
Applications & Features
  • Bread, pie's & pastries
  • Cereals & confectionaries
  • Coffee, food and beverage
  • Dust and fume handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Plastic & polymer manufacturers
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