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The Detail

This is a high-speed system with 10Tonne/hour pneumatic transfer lines from the bulk storage silos to four separate mixing lines. The pneumatic transfer system is designed to enable any silo to deliver flours to any mixer.

The Minor and Micro powder additions are installed in two discreet batching areas, weighing individual ingredients separately and simultaneously. They are then entrained into pneumatic conveying lines from the silos. All conveying lines are complete with in-line continuous sieve screening to suit the current leading supermarket specifications and easy clean magnets.

Our systems decant Minor and Micro additions from big bags or sacks into batch day hoppers, before screw feeding into loss in weight batch weigh feeders. The batch weigh feeders are arranged in a carousel framework, which individually weigh additions into a central check weigh hopper before entering the conveying lines.

The high speed of our pneumatic transfer lines, combined with the simultaneously weighed Minor and Micro additions allows our system to achieve 44 batches/hour i.e. one batch every 81 seconds. Bulk flour additions ranging from 200-250Kgs/batch with Minor and Micro additions ranging from 100 grams to 20 Kgs with high accuracy and repeatability.

All Features/Benefits
  • High speed transfer
  • Multiple ingredients
  • Batch weighing
  • Bulk storage
  • Big bag handling
  • sack handling
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