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The Detail

Our vacuum conveying system uses heated air to convey the cereal. Reaching up to 120oC depending on the cereal type of cereal. The heated air is produced by an electric air heater assembly ducted to the top of the cutter head. Heated air is drawn across the cutter head and into the vacuum conveying line. This prevents the case hardening of the cereal which occurs if conveyed at ambient factory temperatures.


The cereal is conveyed to one of two destinations of downstream process where the cereal is received into cyclones and directly discharged via rotary valves. We have created the rotary valves with specially designed IBS inlet feeders to avoid product chopping. This was a crucial design aspect of the project. Each rotary valve is also fitted with quick release rotor assemblies, with slide bar rotor extraction to enable quick and easy cleaning between product changes.


The fragile nature of the cereal product requires a very lean phase vacuum transfer system. We designed this system using centrifugal fans to provide a high air volume at a very low negative conveying pressure. The high air volume provides an effective cushion of air around the product to protect it from damage, and this distinctive Ingredient Batching Systems method is extremely successful for all types of fragile cereal products, including flakes; pillow shapes and coated cereals.


All Features/Benefits
  • Fragile cereal transfer
  • High temperature
  • Continuous feeding
  • High accuracy
  • Pneumatically conveyed
  • Food grade system
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